Basic Cremation Service
Professional and staff services $295
Documentation $175
Transport Remains – Initial $150
Basic preparation of remains $150
Facility to shelter remains $95
Vehicle to crematorium $255
Minimum Casket $125
HST on above items $161.85
Coroner’s fee (taxes not applicable) $75
Cremation fee (Innisvale) (HST incl) $565
Total 2046.85
Extra Services (that may apply, taxes not included)
Rush Cremation Service $295
Unlimited proof of death certificates $95
Additional proof of death certificates (each) $25
Pacemaker removal $95
Executors assistance $395

(*extra mileage charge beyond 200km from head office at $1.75 per km one way)

Professional and Staff Services $295

The services of a funeral director (as required by law) and assistants includes but is not limited to consultation and assistance with the planning of the cremation arrangements by a licensed funeral director. This may include transfer from place of death, obtaining vital statistics scheduling with coroner and other necessary contacts. Overseeing all other staff functions necessary to implement the arrangements such as clerical staff, accounting, 24 hour telephone answering.

Documentation $175

The completion of all pertinent documentation, completing and filing Provincial Registration forms and procuring necessary documents and permits. Information pertaining to the arrangements is maintained on file for future reference.

Basic Preparation of remains $150

Dressing of the deceased and placement in the casket which is suitable for cremation.

Facilities for shelter $95

Included are the designated area provided for sheltering of the remains until the transfer to the crematorium.

Transportation initial $150

The use of a specialized unmarked vehicle, (van) and equipment as well as appropriate staff to facilitate the transfer of the deceased from the place of death within our service area.

Vehicle to Crematorium $255

The use of this specialized vehicle (van) includes the transportation of the casket from the storage facility to the crematorium.

Rush Cremation Service $295

Delivery of cremated remains sooner than the standard delivery time frame of 2 weeks.

Unlimited Proof of Death Certificates $95

Unlimited number of proof of death certificates. *Extra copies of Proof of Death Certificate ( each ) $25 if purchased individually*

Pacemaker removal $95

Safe removal of pacemaker required for cremation and disposal to a medical facility.

Executors assistance $395

Providing forms and assisting in the submission of documents notifying applicable government agencies including but not limited to CPP death benefit, survivors benefit, cancelling/notifying SIN, health card, CRA, and Trillium and other agencies, memberships

Refundable Deposit for Cremated Remains

When human remains are to be cremated, a refundable deposit will be required to be paid. If the cremated remains are not claimed within one year of the cremation, the deposit may be used to inter the cremated remains in common ground. If the cremated remains are claimed before they are interred, the deposit will be refunded

*Payment is due upon signing the contract and we will not move the deceased until a contract is signed.

Facilities for private viewing, celebration of life, reception or other funeral rites are available for additional cost through our affiliated company Torrance Funeral Home & Chapel Limited.


Licensed by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (844) 493-6356